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Reliable, Professional and Affordable

Proudly Serving Our Neighbors Since 1957



Sewer and Septic

We complete projects efficiently and go above and beyond to form lasting customer relationships.

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Portable Rentals

With over 100 Portable Toilets, we've offered portable toilet rentals to the surrounding area for over 30 years.

Barnes Sewer & Septic, LLC is a 4th generation family-owned business
offering septic cleaning services to our region since 1957.

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It's a family tradition... Austin & Wylie Bond's Wedding Party ~ March 2016 (Pictured Above)

Current owners, Shawnda (Barnes) and her husband, Bob Bond, joined forces with her parents, Larry and Marlene, in 1998 and took over the reins in 2006 when Larry retired.  The Bonds have continued the tradition of proudly offering their neighbors quality Sewer and Septic products and services. They are in White River Twp, Winchester, IN.


Give Shawnda and Bob a call or text at (765) 584-7295.  They look forward to serving your needs.

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Barnes Sewer & Septic 

Proudly Serving Our Neighbors Since 1957



We do everything from servicing your septic tank to cleaning your effluent filter. Our team of licensed and insured professionals provides comprehensive solutions for maintaining your septic system. 

We Specialize in:

  • Septic tank pumping 

  • Effluent pump replacement

  • Riser Installations

  • Septic tank baffle replacement  

  • Effluent filter cleaning

  • Float replacement

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FREE Download

Guid to Septic systems

Download this handy Septic Tank Tip Packet to learn more about your Septic Tank maintenance and use.

About Barnes Sewer and Septic

Are you looking for a septic system service in your local area?


Contact us for quick and reliable services.


Barnes provides top-notch septic and sewer solutions with exceptional, seamless, and hassle-free services. 


We’re not limited to septic pumping. We also offer sewage vacuuming, disposal, and pit cleaning services.


We promise to transform your living experience and provide a healthy environment that brings peace of mind.

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Expert Septic and Sewer Services

Facing Sewer or Septic Issues? We’ve Got The Solution!


Have you recently encountered issues with your septic and sewer system? Are you seeking professional septic companies in my area? 


Or do you want a new septic tank free from any odors?


Regardless of your current septic tank pumping situation, Barnes Sewer & Septic listens to all your problems and provides the best sewage maintenance solution.


We’re a family-owned plumbing septic service company in Winchester, IN, with years of hands-on experience, professional skills, and knowledge to handle all your septic and sewer problems. 


Why Choose Barnes Sewer & Septic?

1. Comprehensive Solutions, Local Expertise

We’re your local solution for residents seeking a sewage cleaner near me, providing an unparalleled sewage disposal service. Our team brings years of expertise and a commitment to excellence to every job.

2. Precision City Sewer Inspection

Ensure the vitality of your city sewer system with our thorough city sewer inspection services. We bring advanced technology and local insight to assess and optimize your city's sewer infrastructure.

3. Reliable and Reasonable Septic Solutions

As a Septic Drain Company, we care for your places with our reasonable and reliable septic offerings.


We cover your needs, from swift septic emergency services to precise septic tank installation and pipe repair.

4. Immediate and Anytime Service

Life doesn’t wait, and neither do we. We ensure convenience with our same-day septic service near you, so your peace of mind is never compromised.

In urgent situations, count on us for emergency septic treatment that prioritizes your well-being. Our swift response ensures we handle your septic issues promptly and effectively.

“Very nice and friendly people to do business with. Completely resolved the issues we were having. Also, had some good recommendations. I highly recommend them."

Septic Tank Tips & Suggestions

Your City, Our Expertise

As a sewer and septic system company rooted in Winchester, IN, we deliver convenience throughout the region with our premier portable restroom rentals. 


We provide exceptional services from North to South and East to West in the following areas:


  • Winchester To Farmland

  • Modoc To Union City

  • Losantville To Lynn

  • Ridgeville To Saratoga

  • Parker City 


  • Muncie To Albany

  • Selma


  • Portland To Pennville

  • Redkey To Bryant

  • Dunkirk


  • Richmond To Economy

  • Williamsburg To Greensfork

  • Hagerstown To Fountain City

  • Centerville To Webster


  • Berne To Geneva


  • Greenville To Palestine

  • Union City

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