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Portable Toilet Rentals

Elevate your occasions with our portable restroom services

Proudly Serving Our Neighbors Since 1957

Let Barnes Septic and Sewer Service's Portable Toilet Rentals take care of your sanitation needs for any of your personal or business occasions. As a Best portable toilet rental indianapolis Company, We take care of our Clients. We are trusted source for top-notch portable toilet rentals in Winchester, IN, Richmond, IN, Muncie, IN, Portland, IN, Greenville, OH and their surrounding areas. If you are looking to Hire Portable Rental Services, Look no further and Hire Barness Sewer and Septic, As we are in the Field From Last 30 Years and Serving the Community with Excellence.

With over 100 Portable Toilets in our inventory, we've been offering portable restroom toilet and Shower rentals for Weddings, events, party, executive meetings. So if it's portable toilets you're looking for then Barnes Septic and Sewer Serivce's portable toilet rentals is the way to go.

Facilitate Your Occasions with Our Portable Restroom Rental services

With over 30 years of local expertise, we offer restroom solutions including:

  • Personal Celebrations

Toilet rentals for weddings and reunions are great way to enhance your Events with Toilet Rentals With hygiene combined.


  • Business Gatherings

Avail Our Portable Toilet Rentals for company picnics and corporate events with premium sanitation services. For Business Gatherings, you can use our executive toilets for hire.

  • Festive Occasions

You can hire of toilet units for events with clean, accessible toilets for uninterrupted fun. You can also use our toilet rental for party purposes.


  • Professional Projects

Construction sites and farming projects powered by our reliable portable facilities.


  • Agricultural Needs

Support your agricultural endeavors with dependable onsite sanitation.


  • Outdoor Ventures

Seamless toilet rentals for events ensure guest comfort at any outdoor gathering. You can use our mobile toilet and shower units for hire for Smooth process.

What Makes Us Stand Out


Our commitment to reliability means consistent service you can count on. With rent portable toilets, you will get a stress-free experience.


Uncompromised cleanliness is our promise. We deliver spotless facilities, ensuring the well-being of every guest.


Each unit is a benchmark for quality. High sanitation standards meet user comfort, making us a top pick for bathroom rentals near me.


Experience seamless customer service. From consultation to on-site support, we're with you every step of the way.


Adaptable to your event's scale and type, our services offer the flexibility your occasion demands. Find the perfect fit with ease.


Accessible solutions for every location. Our reach extends to ensure that your needs are met, wherever you are.

How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need?

Portable Restroom Calculator

Note: Weather Conditions, Consumption of food, beverages and liquor will increase portable toilet usage.

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