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Portable Restroom Products

Proudly Serving Our Neighbors Since 1957

Standard Portable Restrooms 

Experience unparalleled convenience with our regular Portable Restroom units, your go-to solution for fresh and clean portable restrooms. 


Our mobile restroom services prioritize hygiene and comfort by providing double toilet paper dispensers that accommodate four rolls and hand sanitizer dispensers.


Our portable restroom trailers offer the ideal blend of practicality and sophistication for an event or a construction site.


Choose Barnes Sewer & Septic's perfect portable restroom solutions for an uncompromising standard of cleanliness and convenience.

VIP Portable Restrooms 

Meet our VIP Portable Restrooms—an upgraded version of the regular ones with added elegance.


Each unit features a convenient portable restroom equipped with a sink and soothing solar light (minus the urinal) for a more comfortable experience.


These restrooms are perfect for upscale events.


In addition, we also offer two-stall portable restroom trailers that provide a self-contained bathroom experience, complete with flushable restrooms and top-tier portable restroom cleaning services.

Regular Portable Restroom

Our Regular Portable Restroom Units have double toilet paper dispensers (4 rolls) and a hand sanitizer dispenser.


VIP Portable Restrooms

Our enhanced VIP Portable Restrooms have a wash basin and solar light without a urinal.


Handicap Units

Our Handicap Portable Restroom Units are spacious and accessible, offering 2 1/2 times more space than standard units.


These portable, accessible toilets feature no-ramp entry and are equipped with essentials like double toilet paper dispensers (4 rolls) and hand sanitizer, embodying the ease of dependable portable restrooms.


Perfect as portable outdoor bathrooms, they cater to all, including those seeking a portable toilet for disabled guests, ensuring comfort and dignity for everyone.

Santi Stands

Elevate hygiene at your event with our innovative Santi Stands.


Designed for situations where water isn't readily available, these 4-station units are a game-changer. Equipped with multiple wash basins, our Santi Stands ensure clean hands anytime, anywhere.


Ideal for outdoor gatherings, these stands serve as efficient wash hand basins, providing a practical and hygienic solution for all your guests.

Handicap Units

The Handicap Portable Restroom Units are 2 1/2 times larger than the regular portables. They are ramp-less and handicap accessible. They include double toilet paper dispensers (4 rolls) and hand sanitizer. Note: The tank size is 1/2 the size of a regular unit.


Santi Stands

Santi Stands provides a practical solution for maintaining cleanliness where water may be limited or unavailable. With its portable design and user-friendly features, Santi Stands ensures proper hygiene and cleanliness.


Single Wash Basins


Presenting our Single Wash Basins, the essence of practicality with mobility. These single-piece wash basins are stylish and movable, making them suitable for any location. 


Hosting an alfresco event or needing a practical solution in a space without fixed facilities? Our mobile sinks and wash-hand basins provide the perfect solution. 

Waste Holding Tanks

Optimize waste management with our durable plastic waste holding tanks in 250 and 300-gallon sizes.


These portable waste holding tanks offer a reliable solution for all your wastewater holding needs, ensuring a clean and efficient environment.


Portable waste holding tanks are excellent for temporary worksites such as road construction, outdoor concerts, or festivals.


Our tanks are designed to transport and empty through our standard vacuum services.

Single Wash Basins

Our single station wash basins are designed on wheels.


Waste Holding Tanks

We have waste holding tanks available in 250 and 300 gallon models

LLC holding tanksA.jpg

Toilet Trailers

Discover the convenience of our Toilet Trailer, a 3-station unit perfect for events, with two stations for women and one for men.


Ideal for weddings and travels, our wedding toilet trailer and travel trailer toilet blend luxury and practicality, and these are available for Toilet Rental Services.


Choose our mobile toilet trailer for any occasion. We offer shower and toilet trailer facilities for a comprehensive solution.


Explore our luxury toilet trailer hire for an elevated experience.

Toilet Trailer

Our toilet trailer is a three-station unit, with two stations designated for women and one for men.

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