Portable Restroom Products

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Portable Restroom Products

Regular Portable Restroom

Our Regular Portable Restroom Units have double toilet paper dispensers (4 Rolls). Gender signs are optional. Upgrade to the Special Events Potable Restroom to have a hand sanitizer included with the portable restroom.

V.I.P. Portable Restroom

Our V.I.P. Portable Restroom Units are "Dressed Up" regular portable restrooms. They include a wash basin and solar light in the unit, but no urinal.

Handicap Portable Restroom

The Handicap Portable Restroom Units are 2 1/2 times larger than the regular portable restrooms. They are ramp-less and handicap accessible. They have double toilet paper dispensers (4 rolls) and hand sanitizers.

Portable Restroom Wash Basin

The Portable Restroom Wash Basin is a sink that fits most brands of portable restrooms. This Portable Restroom Wash Basin is also available mounted on a two-wheel handcart.

Santi Stands

Santi Stands are a convnient way to keep clean hands when water is not available. These are 4 station units.

Holding Tank

The Holding Tank is available in 250 gallon and 300 gallon models.

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