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Portable Restroom Products

Proudly Serving Our Neighbors Since 1957

Regular Portable Restroom

Our Regular Portable Restroom Units have double toilet paper dispensers (4 Rolls) and a hand sanitizer dispenser.


Handicap Units

The Handicap Portable Restroom Units are 2 1/2 times larger than the regular portable restrooms. They are ramp-less and handicap accessible. They have double toilet paper dispensers (4 rolls) and hand sanitizer. It should be noted that the tank size in these units are 1/2 the size of a regular unit.


Single Wash Basins

Our Single station wash basins are designed on wheels.


Toilet Trailer

Our Toilet Trailer is a 3 station unit, 2 women and 1 men. 

Toilet trailer C.jpeg

VIP Units

Our V.I.P. Portable Restroom Units are Upgraded regular portable restrooms. They include a wash basin and solar light in the unit, but no urinal.


Santi Stands

Santi Stands are a convnient way to keep clean hands when water is not available. These are 4 station units.


Waste Holding Tanks

We have waste holding tanks available in 250 and 300 gallon models

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