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Restroom Trailer Size: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Event

Choosing the perfect restroom trailer size for your event or project is a difficult task. Whether you are organizing a large outdoor concert, hosting a wedding reception, or working on a construction site, providing adequate restroom facilities is essential for the comfort and satisfaction of all attendees or workers. 

In this guide, we will guide you through the different types of portable restrooms available and help you determine the right size for your specific needs. 

So let's get started and find the best restroom solution for your upcoming event or project!

Do Trailers Have Bathrooms?

Do Trailers Have Bathrooms?

Yes, restroom trailers are designed with fully functional bathrooms that include features such as toilets, sinks, and showers.

When planning for an event or construction site, one important aspect to consider is the size of your restroom trailer. Choosing the right size is crucial to ensure that you have enough bathroom size dimensions facilities for your guests or workers without overspending on unnecessary space.

How Big is a Restroom Trailer?

How Big is a Restroom Trailer?

Restroom trailers come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Typically, portable restroom trailers range from compact units that include a single toilet and sink to larger trailers with multiple stalls, sinks, and even showers. 

In terms of size, restroom dimensions can vary from a small unit that is about 8 feet long by 5 feet wide, to a larger one that can be over 24 feet in length.

These trailers are designed to provide users with a comfortable and convenient flushable bathroom experience, offering features like flushing toilets, running water in sinks, mirrors, air conditioning, or heating to ensure a pleasant environment for users. 

How to Select the Right Size Restroom Trailer to Rent?

How to Select the Right Size Restroom Trailer to Rent?

To select the right size restroom trailer you might be wondering What Size Restroom Trailer Do I Need? For this, there are a few key factors you need to consider.

▪️ Consider the Number of Users

Estimate the expected number of users who will need to use the restroom trailer. This will help determine the appropriate size for your needs. For example, if you are hosting an event with 100 attendees, a portable toilet capacity with two or three stalls may be sufficient.

▪️ Consider the Duration of Use

How long will the restroom trailer be needed? If it is only for a few hours, a smaller unit may suffice. However, for longer events or projects, it is important to consider a larger unit to accommodate multiple users over an extended period of time.

▪️ Think About Special Needs

Are there any individuals with special needs who will require extra space and accommodations in the restroom trailer? It is important to factor in these considerations when selecting the size of the unit.

▪️ Look at Floor Plans

Most rental companies offer floor plans of their restroom trailers, so you can get a better idea of the layout and available space. This can also help in visualizing how many people can comfortably use the unit at once.

▪️ Consider Additional Features

While size is an important factor, don't forget to consider additional features that may be necessary for your event or project. These may include handwashing stations, handicap accessibility, and climate control.

▪️ Don't Sacrifice Comfort

It's important to remember that comfort is key when it comes to portable restrooms. Make sure the size of the unit allows for ample leg room and movement within the space.

▪️ Consult with Rental Companies

If you're unsure about what size restroom trailer would best fit your needs, consult with rental companies. They will have experience and knowledge to guide you toward the right choice for your specific event or project.

▪️ Keep Maintenance in Mind

Another important factor to consider is maintenance. Portable toilet units require regular cleaning and servicing, so make sure there is enough space around the unit for easy access by maintenance staff.

What are the Different Restroom Trailer Sizes Available?

Portable restrooms come in a variety of sizes, from single units to larger trailers with multiple stalls. The size you choose will depend on the number of people using it and the duration of your event or project. 

  • Single Units

These are the most basic and commonly used portable toilet units. They usually include a toilet, toilet paper dispenser, and hand sanitizer. They are ideal for smaller events or construction sites with a limited number of workers.

  • Multiple Stall Trailers

If you have a larger event or project with more people, consider renting a trailer with multiple stalls. These can range from two to ten stalls and often come equipped with sinks and handwashing stations as well.

  • VIP Trailers

For upscale events, VIP trailers offer a more luxurious option. They often include amenities such as flushing toilets, running water, mirrors, and air conditioning.

  • Handicap Accessible Units

It's important to consider accessibility for all attendees or workers at your event or project. Portable restrooms with wheelchair ramps and grab bars are available to accommodate those with disabilities.

  • Special Event Trailers

These trailers are specifically designed for special events such as weddings or festivals. They often come with upscale features like hardwood floors, decorative lighting, and music systems.

  • Luxury Restroom Trailers

For upscale events or projects, luxury portable restrooms are available with amenities such as flushable toilets, marble countertops, and air conditioning.

  • Construction Units

Construction sites often require portable restrooms for workers. These units have a more durable design and may include features like hand sanitizer dispensers.

When planning an event or project that will require the use of long-term porta-potty rental, it's important to consider the needs of all attendees or workers.

What is the Cost of a Restroom-size Trailer in Indiana?

What is the Cost of a Restroom-size Trailer?

When considering the restroom trailer rental cost, several factors come into play: the duration of the rental, maintenance services, restroom trailer transporting fee, and any customization or special restroom size requirements for your specific event or project.

Standard restroom trailer sizes typically range from $100 to $200 per day. Luxury restroom trailers, equipped with amenities like flushable toilets and air conditioning, can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per day. Construction units, designed for durability and functionality, may fall in the range of $75 to $150 per day. 

To get an accurate cost estimate, it's recommended to reach out to portable toilet rental companies directly and provide them with detailed information about your needs.


Choosing the right restroom trailer size involves considering the specific needs of your event or project, including the number of attendees, duration, and facilities required. By evaluating these factors and understanding the available options, you can ensure that the restroom trailer size meets the demands of your unique circumstances. 

For personalized assistance in selecting the appropriate restroom trailer size for your event or project in Indiana or Winchester, consider reaching out to Barnes Sewer & Septic. For more information and personalized service, you can contact us at (765) 584-7295.

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