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Does Home Insurance Cover Damage to Your Septic Tank?

Updated: Jan 18

Septic tanks are a vital component for every house to hold the waste that flushes out. But, if a septic tank is damaged, it will leave unpleasant odors in your house, create headaches, and upset the lives of members. You may be thinking about whether this damage will be covered under homeowners insurance.

Septic tank coverage is handled by a home insurance policy if any sudden or unpleasant event occurs. However, any negligence or lack of maintenance can’t be covered by this policy.

So let’s explore in depth “Does home insurance cover damage to your septic tank?” When home insurance septic tanks are covered and when they’re not. And how to protect this septic tank from being damaged. 

What Is A Home Insurance Septic Tank?

A septic tank for home insurance is a part of the owner’s policy that covers any damages and liabilities arising from the insured’s septic systems. In case of damage due to accidents, natural calamities, or specific structural faults, it may require replacing or repairing the septic tank and related parts. 

Additionally, if there are problems with a septic system on the covered premises, this coverage might include damage to third-party property and injury claims. One needs to look at his/her policy documents carefully to know all the terms regarding septic tanks and coverage limits.

When Septic Tanks Are Covered:

Homeowners insurance covers septic tanks when sudden damage occurs to your house. It means that, in such cases, homeowners can’t do anything, except take out an insurance policy. Although, there are some limitations too, as it covers only 10% of your septic insurance, inside your house. It’s advisable to connect with your insurer and also read the policy properly in order to understand which perils are covered by your home insurance policy. Here are some perils of sudden damage:

  • Lightning or fire

  • Damage caused by Aircraft

  • Theft

  • Smoke damage

  • Pipe freezing

  • The water heater burning, tearing, and cracking

  • Water damage from heating, plumbing

  • Air conditioning overflow and others

When Septic Tanks Are Not Covered:

Not all septic tank issues or damages are covered by homeowners insurance policy. Like if the negligence is by your side, and you didn’t perform your responsibility of maintenance, then it would be covered under this policy. Here are some preventable factors that are not covered:

  • Faulty construction

  • Flushing chemicals, oils, and solids

  • Wear and tear

  • Faulty drainage system

  • Damage due to vehicles

  • Tree root damage

If you live in Winchester, IN, You can contact Barnes septic and sewer for any damage repair and take insurance services. 

Is My Septic Tank Covered By Homeowner Insurance?

Yes, your septic system is covered by the insurance company, because it's part of your house. Any damage that occurs naturally can be covered by your homeowner's policy. 

As I mentioned earlier when septic tanks are covered by insurance policy and when they are not. You can get an idea which type or in which condition your septic system is, and when you should call them for your damage. 

How To Claim A Septic Tank Insurance?

When you want to file a septic tank insurance claim, ensure that you have a report that claims that your septic tank is damaged. If your report does not say this, your file will not be accepted. Because a proper report of your damage and insurance of your house will give value to your claim and they will take further steps into it. 

But the question is how you will get a report that says exactly what you want to deliver. For this, you can take the services of professionals who are experts in this. They will inspect your septic tank and make a final report of the current condition of it. Furthermore, you can call your home insurer and read the policy again for this septic system. This way, you’re being confident that your claim is valid and will be accepted by homeowner insurance. 

How To Protect Your Septic Tank From Being Damaged?

Proper maintenance and cleanliness of septic systems is not a complicated process, and not so costly if done on time. However, here are further steps you should take to protect your septic tank:

  • Inspect And Pump Frequently

On average, a septic tank should be inspected at least once in 3 years. They should be pumped at least every year to ensure a smooth or odor-free system. This way all the junk inside your septic system will clean out and you’ll not need to rush for insurance. 

  • Proper Waste Disposal

Proper disposal of human waste and tissue, whether you take a shower or something else, should be flushed out properly. Your toilets are not your waste cans, which you can leave the rubbish. You should dispose of them properly so that there is nothing left. you may also avail of rental toilet services for your ease.

  • Use Water Efficiently

Single families should use at least 70 gallons of water per individual, in a day. They should abide by additional water waste. As this water accumulates in your septic tanks. If there’s any leakage, make sure to use less water and lessen the amount of water in your septic system. 

  • Maintain Your Drainfield

Your drain field is a crucial part of your septic system. It’s used to remove contamination and impurities from the liquid, which is essential for a good septic system. To further protect it, you should avoid parking on the drain field, plant trees from the distance of the drain field, and keep other things from the distance of it. 

  • Install A Septic Tank Alarm

Mostly, you didn’t get to know the limit of your tank. By installing a septic tank alarm you can get to know that your tank reaches its limit, and it's time to clean it out properly. 

Wrap Up

Home insurance services are the most straightforward way for homeowners to 

clean out their damaged septic system and unpleasant smells. You can claim your home insurance by connecting with your home insurer and taking the service of a professional sewer and septic company.

I hope that this blog post finds you well on your query of “Does Home Insurance Cover Damage to Your Septic Tank”. If you have any questions related to your septic system, you can contact us, or share your thoughts in the comment section. We are here to help you anytime. 

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