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Are there benefits to using Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is becoming more popular and being recognized as both environmentally friendly and sustainable. It requires harsh chemicals to break down the post-consumer and process the recycled paper into pulp.

Bamboo Toilet paper has many benefits

*A clean, virgin product

*Made from a fast-growing plant

*Releases 30% fewer greenhouse emissions than that made of hardwood.

*Soft, but durable

*Hypoallergenic, Anti-fungal and Anit-bacterial

With bamboo toilet paper being an exceptional choice for sensitive skin, Is it safe for septic systems? Yes! It has the ability to break down faster than both virgin hardwood and recycled toilet paper. Thus, taking up less space and a lighter strain on the bacteria working to break down the solids in your septic tank. Bamboo toilet paper requires no bleaching or de-inking and is also free of any harsh chemicals.

Bamboo Toilet Paper is a great alternative for you, your septic tank and the environment.

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