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It's Home Improvement season, how does that affect my septic system?

You need to know the location of all parts of you septic tank, prior to starting outdoor projects. While in the planning stages of your new deck or patio it’s important to know the septic system location so that you’re not building on top of the system and the design can be developed to avoid the system.

Nothing heavier than a lawn mower should ever be driven over any part of your septic system! So cement trucks, tree trimming trucks, and excavation equipment need to avoid the area. You don’t want post holes for a new fence dug on top of your septic system. Nor do you want to dig holes to plant trees on top of any part of the septic system. Never trench electric or gas lines over the top of your septic system.

There are also things that affect your septic system when doing inside projects.

Even if it’s just spring cleaning you don’t want to flood your system. Every time a gallon of water enters the system a gallon of effluent leaves the system. Limit yourself to 3-4 loads of laundry. By spreading loads of laundry out over a week, you give materials entering the tank time to break down.

So you have decided it’s time to give the inside a fresh coat of paint, Do not wash out paint brushes or pour pain down the drains and limit the cleaning chemicals put down the drain as well. IF it’s not healthy for a human, it’s not good for your septic system.


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